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2019-06-29 20:06:02
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A Responce to The Character Study Challenge

Name: Morris Andrew Bardeneen

Alias: Patrick O'Leary (Stolen off a dead Ninixian)

Born: 3rd Firch 1869

Species: Human

Nationality: Antifordian

Location: Officially lives in White Haven, but travels by train between White Haven, Astam, Gearford and Argenstrath and sleeps on the train more often than not.

Description (Physical):

Rough Height: on the tall side

Skin Color/Tone: Extremely pale, greenish-blue eyes, brown hair

Recognizable Features: Missing two teeth to the left of his top front incisors

Description (Personality): cynical, slightly paranoid about authority, willing to work hard

Goal: overthrow the technocracy, someday, preferably without a violent revolution

Fears: Getting caught, gruesome death, quicksand

Mannerisms: always spits before he starts working, often fidgets with his cap, hums while he works

Religion: Keeps the old gods

Place of Birth: Optilocas (refuses to refer to it as Gearford)

Family: Parents are Patricia and Edward Bardeneen, both exiled after the revolution for supporting a faction other than the technocrats, Edwards brother Harold, who died in the Prussian war, his wife Marie-Claudette, originally from Mount Diamount, and their two sons Hayden and Gareth. Also used to be quite close with his mother's parents, Demetrius and Melony Sanders, who ran a small butcher shop before their deaths. He died just before the revolution of a heart attack and she died not long afterwards of unknown causes. Morris is the oldest of his siblings, which include Annabelle, twins Henry and Margret, and Valerie. 

Relationships (Non-Family): Dr. Frances Bralick: A good friend of the family who stayed with them in exile, which allowed them to escape Pleasentville.

Archibald Mason: The engineer on the train who is his boss and gave him the job despite having known the deceased Patrick O'Leary and knowing he has a dodgy background

Skills: Hard worker, decent shot, charming when he wants to be

Education: A decent amount of primary school

Occupation: Coal shoveler on the train

Habits: Always says a quick prayer before he goes to sleep,

Most Important Moment to Date: The day the technocracy exiled him and his family

Favorite Phrases: "safe travels" "may Mother Tamerus protect your journey" "what the rusting hell?"

Most Important Person in his life: Annabelle, who is the only family he regularly sees

Preferred Weapon: Fists, or whatever tool happens to be lying around.

Secrets: His name, his status as an exile

Hobbies: Messing around with bits of coal, occasionally throwing them at things when the train is moving at high speed. Also, enjoys folding scraps paper into abstract patterns.