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Originally discovered when pioneers in the Prush wilderness tried to drill water wells, Flüss was found and was quickly avoided. The liquid is thick and black, and completely undrinkable. Early pioneers called it “sand blood” and “demon water” but as scientists discovered its uses the name changed to Flüss.

Early uses for Flüss were for lamp oil, and lubricants for mechanisms. Later in the development of the steam engine and the need for better lubricants, scientists discovered a thinner, more combustible mixture. This new mixture was named Flüssoline, but it is also shortened to Flüss.By the time Flüssoline was created, machinists and engineers looked for a cheaper way to power farm equipment and water pumps. Thus was born the internal combustion engine. Unfortunately it was deemed a lesser technology then the steam engine that uses lighter metals and could be miniaturized for all applications, also with the addition of the water recyclers to the steam engine kept the internal combustion engine, and Flüss on the back burner.

Lately Flüss motors have been down sized but the weight of the iron and steel has kept it from any real innovation. But the creation of the “Von Heath Motor” has made Flüss a more excepted means of power for farms and small factories near the Flüss wells.
As the need for reliable Flüss has raised, a company named Brackers and Brackers started a line of quality Flüssoline, it goes by the name “Demon Water”, an old name for the raw liquid. The company is headquartered in Dalaerum, but the child company that produces the Demon Water line is in Outerford.
Most Flüss wells are in west Prush.

A note on internal combustion engines, I decided to leave that out of the technological evolution because you need a spark plug to turn the engine over. The internal combustion engine can also use an item called a glow plug, but that is only needed if the motor is in cold weather. So I decided that maybe later in the development of the world, glow plugs can be introduced to the world, but at a later date.