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Entry #1

Dear Father,

God, I miss you so much; it's a pity you had to go so quickly. Yet I guess it was much better off that way. Anyhow, this leather-bound travesty is another one of mother's ideas to help me "cope" with things; she said ‘diary,’ I said ‘an invention to help me push away the fact that you are gone just a little bit farther into the back of my subconscious.’ Now don't get me wrong, I appreciate her efforts and I know she is trying to do it to help me properly grieve and that she means well; but I just think that she is trying too hard to get me to forget about you. I just can't do that...You taught me so many things that have left an impression on me forever and I am devoted to keeping my promise to you; I will finish the wings.

Now enough of that sappy shit; let me brief you on what has happened in the past couple of days. Well, they felt like that at least. I haven't even been keeping any track of it all because my life has been moving so quickly that I can't even fathom taking a breath to write this to you. Mother has been relocated from the school in Kuu she was working in to one in this new place called Nyxiana. I am writing this as we head there via vessel. Mother said the ride should be fairly short and not to worry about having to wait very long, but frankly, the break from everything is very nice. Other than that, Cyrus has been accepted into the Antiford Military Academy; fancy, eh? We saw him off at one of the harbors before we got on our own ship to this 'Nyxiana'. Just one more loss to grieve; although I guess he won't be gone for quite as long...

I have not set my hopes very high for this new place we are venturing to. I have heard from friends of my mother that they are not very mechanically abled. I guess I’m just going to have to set a new bar for them, then. You would be happy to know that Mother has bought me an incredible present to attempt to make up for the sudden chain of events. In the square of the area we are relocating to, there is a shabby old workshop that hasn’t been inhabited for a bit and she said she will give me the means to fix it up. It will be the perfect place to start the construction process of the wings, although it is the only thing I see exciting about the entire move altogether. I predict this area to be filled to the brim with the rich and pompous who look down on people such as we inventors. Well, it’s either that or a bunch of people with no idea how high class mechanics and inventions even work. So it should be just fucking euphoric. I look forward to filling you in about every single detail!

Your Favorite Fish Out Of Water,