Nyxiana Countries & Tribes

In World

A lush island with a rich culture steeped with folklore and craftsmen. Not big in high technology, Nyxiana's craftsmen are skilled at creating hand-made textiles, sculptures, jewelry, and paintings.

The island is situated off the northwestern coast of Paorr, and the country's landscape is hilly, lush, green land. In the center of the island is a below sea level hot spring that attracts many tourists and is one of the main sources of income for the island's overall economy. 


The island's leadership has a male leader, with a council of 'wise women' who advise him on making the island a better place. Each of the five wise women represent a district of the island: 


Including the hot spring in the center, there are temples for the Oephelian religion that are at each point on the compass, one for each different class / district on the island. Each one is themed in the colors of their respective districts: red in the South, green in the North, yellow in the East, and blue in the West.


Glas Shire

The northern part of the island, mainly made up of the street performers and lower class families.

Geata Dearg

The southern part of the island is mostly home to working class families.

Gorm Scáthán

The western part of the island, home to the lower middle class and where most of the craftsmen are located

Bóthar Buí

The eastern part of the island, where the upper middle class are located and where most of the well-known merchants make their business

Earraigh Corcra

The central part of the island, where the very few elite class members live and where the island's hot spring is located

Out of World

The country's landscape is inspired by the rolling hills of the UK.


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