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The Empirical News paper or known as just the "Empirical" is a Prush News paper that was first printed in Prush. then after the civil war, it was printed in Antiford as a form of underground journalism. It is only printed in the Prush language and passed around in the heaver Prush populated areas in Gearford. 

As a News Paper they don't cover much happenings in Antiford. The Empirical will stick to Prush stories, And when they cover Prush stories they slant the News in favor of the Prush Empire.

This is a quote from the paper over a skirmish in Prushland:

"A honorable victory was won, in the Prushland badlands yesterday. 70 Demon warriors were put down by the blade of the 1st Prushland levy in early morning. 12 Prushland men died on the attack, may we never forget there sacrifice."

 What the paper let out that 21 prush men retreated from the battle and over 40 Prush men were killed by Verbanni warriors. the 12 men who were cited may have been officers. The people in Prushland know this battle as a heavy loss and defeat in the Great Demon war, but to the rest of the Empire it was a victory. 

Today the Empirical News paper is printed in the back rooms of inns mostly, hidden from the eyes of the technocrats.