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2016-05-21 14:33:07
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Taheat Chronicles I

Imagine, if you will, a gentleman.  This gentleman is tall, gangling, and leaves something to be desired when looked upon.  For this gentleman, in his formal frillies, adorned with pouches, poultices, belts, and other such accouterments, has just left the wonderful and accommodating Pleasantville. Now you may be wondering to yourself: what would a gentleman (if a gentleman at all), wearing a surprisingly well cared for top hat of appropriate size, be doing leaving Pleasantville?  For that matter, why is anyone able to leave Pleasantville at all?  It is for this matter, that I introduce to you, the Hatter.  A man of singular purposes, a man who does not seem quite right in the head, and a man who needs a burning question answered.

"Would you like some tea?"