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2014-10-27 20:10:01,
2019-12-31 16:29:58
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Troop movement!

All quiet on the prush front, Until now!

Since the victorious opening shots of the Prush conflict months ago, the war has seemed to have gone cold. Speculations have abound about why the empire has yet to move further east. From what our reporters have said it has been a mix of natural disaster and rearming on the empire's side, as for the confederacy it seems to be a calculated decision to move more troops from the far eastern districts of the confederacy.

The latest drought that has hit the empire has given the confederacy an advantage, the confederate forces have started emptying nearby towns water supplies and even dammed a canal that lead into Empire lines.

Reports from the empire says that the military has been forced to convert all steam powered vehicles to compression engines, to lower water waste. Other reports say that some towns have been racked with small riots that have been put down by local and imperial law enforcement.

The Emperor has made an announcement earlier in the week stating that within this month the empire will capture key well area in the Confederate district of Dustermark.

He was also seen with a new form of machine that is being tested for battlefield use.

It is this papers belief that by the movement of troops to the eastern border of the empire, that battle will soon accrue.