Dirt Ball

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2014-04-19 23:10:55,
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Dirt Ball/ Sickle Ball
Here are the first ideas that I drew up, I’m still working on the details.

Two players

Home team- Hit first
Away Team- Field First

Basic rules: players each build there decks prior to play, each deck must be 40 cards. Each deck must have 10 jock cards and 10 play cards.  The other 20 cards can be any other type of cards

Hurler cards- straight shooters, curves, fast balls and knuckle slammers are all types of hurler cards.
Striker cards- Love taps, grounders, Line drives and home runs are all types of striker cards.
Jock cards- Rookie, pro and champ are all types of jock cards.
Play cards- Run downs, hit and runs, pick off, closer out field and walk offs are all types of play cards.
Rowe Raiders
 The Barret Mill Cats
Gearford Gizmos
Argenstrath Sand Worms
The Porista pips
The White Haven hob goblins
----Vibranni ball clubs—
The Dirt Chankas
Mayberry shambles

I'm still working stuff so don't be hate'ing