Review: A Busy Writer's Guide

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2016-01-21 09:27:19,
2016-01-25 11:57:41
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I would like to preface this by saying that this is in no way a sponsored review. This is genuine discovery and positive result.

I've been asked to help edit some stories as of late, and niggling little details continued to bother me. Small questions and disagreements on what exactly the rules are when writing, especially in the context of fiction, plagued my editing process. I was at the point where I'd be questioning why I was giving particular advice, and if I was correct to do so.

With that state of mind, I went off looking for more than just a googlable resource, something I could sink my teeth into. These books were immensely useful, so I thought I'd share my thoughts on them with you all, and hopefully convince you to check them out.

I feel like these will really upped my game in terms of writing, and I can't wait until I can focus on finishing a story for the site using what I've learned.

One thing I will mention only here, is that each book has chapters that are activities. The author of the book asks you to look at your own work and do a self-editing task, such as searching for semicolons and asking each time if it's strictly necessary, or looking for awkwardly constructed multi-clause sentences. In other words, they encourage you to use what you've learned immediately, and on your work- practical and brilliant. I personally skipped most of them once I got the hang of them, because I didn't have an already written draft on hand.