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WARNING!  Please read short description for the suggested triggers. I will be editing in the coming days.

      His head hit every single step on the way down. However, when they reached the bottom and began their steady journey down the corridor. Leonardo forced his eyes open. The dark and dank corridors of the Asylum seemed to slide passed forever. The large hulk of an orderly slowly dragged Leonardo down the corridor by the ankles.

      Leonardo struggled lightly against the tight, dirty straight-jacket he was strapped into. He tasted an awful array of of waste. His dry mouth was stuffed with some sort of dirty cloth he could not identify. The orderly paid him no mind as he marched down the corridor. 

      Screams were growing. Leonardo looked around. The wet floor began to become sticky. A metallic smell filled his nostrils. The walls began to open up to cages lining both sides. 

      Leonardo eyed a cell with a figure hiding in the corner. it sobbed into the stone. Across the corridor, a white faced, androgynous figure gaped into the hallways. Leonardo tried to squirm away from it. It's eyes had been removed and it bled down its face, pooling on its lap as it silently wept towards the corridor. Leonardo wanted to look away, but he couldn't. It seemed to gaze into his frightened soul.

      An eternity passed as Leonardo was dragged passed the cells until they reached the next set of cells. A bald man glared at Leonardo. His straight jacket had been chewed through and he held his hand down his pants, shaking profusely while his arm was wrapped around the bars. His hand had been removed and roughed stitching had been chewed through.  The guy bared his teeth in a strange smile, raising and lowering his eyebrows at Leonardo as he was dragged massed.

      The orderly snorted and spat into the next cell. A woman had wiggled her way out of her straight jacket and was dangling from her cell ceiling trying to hang herself. She twitched in the hair, already having lost the strength to lift her arms to back out of it.Her face had already become a shade of purple and her eyes bulged open.

      Leonardo screamed out. Tears filling his eyes. Looking to the orderly, He could see they were approaching a large, wooden door. As the dragging stopped, the orderly dropped Leonardo's legs and reached for the key ring on his hip.


      A bloody hand with ragged fingernails barely missed Leonardo's face as they dug into the filth of the ground next to him and begun to scrape against the stone floor. A scrawny man was slamming himself against the bars, snarling at Leonardo. One of his eyes was bruised shut and his teeth had been bashed out and his bloody gums snapped at Leonardo. Leonardo screamed into his gag and tried to squirm away as the man continued to throw himself against the bars, reaching and grasping for Leonardo. 

      A bloody boot stomped down on the hand of the man, snapping bones like twigs. Leonardo's face was grabbed and faced towards a figure now kneeling down above. It was a older man with a bloody lab coat. His goggles misshaped his eyes to be abnormally large in size. 

      "Do not worry, I take care of everyone here," said the man, starring at Leonardo, "That is, until their parents stop paying their bill. I won't let Gunther, here, harm you. When I'm done with you... you'll be the pride of the basement."

      Leonardo began to scream, his eyes looking from the Doctor to the man's shattered hand. The doctor sighed and rolled his eyes.

      "Gots alive. This one screams like a little girl! I should sow his mouth shut," the Doctor stopped, and then a smile spread across his face, "That's it... that's it! Brutis, strap him to the table. He will be my masterpiece! When I am done with him... he'll be the most beautiful woman to ever grace my knife."

      Leonardo felt his legs rise again, and he screamed as the Doctor's massive eyes glared at him and the Doctor's laugh filled the hallway.