KUBB (Rules and Regulations)

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2019-09-07 12:32:04
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A Kubb Game Consists of:

  • 1 x King
  • 10 x Kubbs (Short, stalky blocks)
  • 6 x Round Wooden Sticks (Batons)
  • 4 x Pegs (Markers)


Kubb is professionally played in an area (Pitch) of 5 M by 8 M however, for casual purposes, it will be set up with 16 paces by 8 paces.  The king sits in the very middle of the Pitch marking 8 paces over and 4 paces in. Line up 5 Kubbs evenly on either side. 


The Offensive Team is the Team throwing Batons while the Defensive team are the ones throwing Kubbs. Alternate when the below turn is finished.


  1. Offensive Team distributes Batons throughout the team based on how they want them to be thrown.
  2. Offensive Team must toss Baton at the Defensive Team's row of Kubbs. Batons must go end over end to count. No "helicopter" throws or "dart" throws. Continue until all Batons are tossed.
  3. For every Kubb knocked down, the defensive team may now toss them, end over end, into the Offensive Team's half of the Pitch. You are NOT allowed to knock down their Kubbs during this time.
  4. The Offensive team may now pivot the landed Kubbs standing upright on an end of their choosing without moving the Kubb. These Kubbs now standing in the middle are called Field Kubbs.
  5. The teams now switch rolls at the start of a new turn.
  6. If not all Field Kubbs have been knocked down for the new Offensive Team, they may now move up their throwing line and toss from the Field Kubb closest to the King. For this reason, it may be tactical to knock down the Field Kubb closest to the king first before working your way back.
  7. If all Kubbs have been knocked down, the Offensive Team may now attempt to knock over the King. First team to knock over the King is the winner.

  • An Offensive Team must knock down all Field Kubbs before attempting to knock down any additional Kubbs. Once knocked down, a Field Kubb is removed from Play.  Any regular Kubb knocked down before the Field Kubbs are removed is reset and does not count.
  • The King is that last thing to be removed. If it is knocked over during the course of a turn, that is an automatic loss to whomever threw.
  • If playing with Children or against inexperienced Players, feel free to provide a throwing handicap by allowing them X number of paces into the Pitch to throw their Batons.
  • Any toss taken place over the throwing line (Kubb line or farthest Field Kubb) is nullified and must be re-thrown. Any player caught abusing re-throws as "practice throws" must forfeit all batons in their hands (they are supposed to throw) and will lose all further miss-throws.
  • If a player is maliciously or negligently hit by a tossed Kubb or Baton, they may claim a fowl for any hit. This fowl is worth one pace into the pitch to throw a baton. If multiple fowls are collected, they may be split up among the team for multiple paces or multiple throws or cashed in at 5 fowls for and instant win due to bad sportsmanship.