Phinneus and Boric Character Sheets

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Phinneus Cromwell


Phinneus Cromwell

Antiford Year Born:

4th of Skia 1857






Aboard the Northstar, generally between Titania, Antiford, and Clarusia

Description (Physical):

Somewhat heavy set, though muscular

Rough Height: 5’ 9”

Skin Color/Tone: Light skin, with a tan

Recognizable Features: Short to medium length beard

Description (Personality):

A bit gruff to those who don’t know him, an nearly absent minded inventor by those that do. He is loyal to his friends. Does enjoy frivolity, particularly with those he is close with.

Goal(s): To protect and aide those against the corrupt hands of the Technocracy. To see a more worthy government come to power.

Fear(s): Being alone. Dark, enclosed spaces

Mannerisms: Bites nails when nervous or agitated, has a tendency to lose temper

Religion: None, though he does attend various festivals that have religious/cultural significance.

Place of Birth: Saks district of Gearford, Antiford


William Cromwell (Father)

Catherine Cromwell (née Perry) (Mother)

David Cromwell (Brother, 2 years younger)

Holly Cromwell (Sister, 3 years younger)

Elizabeth Cromwell (née Weller) (Wife)

Relationships (Non-Family):


Boric Elricksen - One of closest friends, served as first mate on Northstar

Nathaniel Rothman - One of closest friends from the Royal Academy, Captain of the Lydia

Steven Copley - Captain of the Prelude


Jonathan Pennington - Bully from Royal Academy, Captain of the Adelaide, Primary rival of Phinneus


Skilled engineer, electrician, and inventor

Speaks Common, Titanian, and a smattering of Prushian


Formal training at Royal Academy. Primary training in mechanical engineering, physics, and chemistry. Studied all available texts on electricity.


Merchant, inventor, and generally a person who sticks their nose where they shouldn’t.


Tends to pace when thinking.

Most Important Moment to Date:

53rd of Firch 1880. The tragic death of Elizabeth.

Most Important Person in their life:

Close friends: Boric, Nathaniel, Steven

Preferred Weapon:

Lightning gun


Member of Brotherhood of Demitrius

Member of Order of the Badger


Tinkering, reading, historical and scientific study