The SS Hollow Nimbus

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Their ship was a wreck from the Prush-Antiford war, fixed up with government contract money. Unofficially, of course. The Techno-Prush government signed a fair number of unofficial contracts with privateers in the aim of sneaking some wealth back from Antiford after so much of it had been spent on the political upheaval.

Their home base is a large farm just north of Vijfde Stad, by the coast.

They like to fly over by the canyon or the antifordian coast and bully their airships. Their favorite jobs are interrupting sea ships transporting cargo to and from Paorr.

  • Captain Everett Byrne - A Prush Human
  • Quartermaster Lincoln “Hicks” Hickman - A Prush Human
  • Navigator, Ada Tompkins - A Prush Human
  • Boatswain, Wyatt Penn - A Mercian Human
  • Carpenter & Surgeon, Lincoln Olson - A Titanian Human
  • Gunner, Vivian Franco - A Antifordian Human
  • ABS (Able Bodied Sailor), Arnold Wiemann - A Mercian Human
  • Cabin Girl, Zula - A Mercian Vibranni

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