Filleted and Sauteed: The taste of Sea Monster.

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It was mid-Oforand and the morale onboard the sky pirate ship "The Burning Duchess's Curse" was a low. So captain Morlock guided his ship down to Crystal Bay where fishing this time of year was very good. The crew was very excited for they spent the good part of 3 months slaving away in the hot Sun so going into the refreshing cool waters of Crystal Bay was a great change of pace.  The ship slowly lower down and the crew changed into their skivvies to dive into the water. As the ship got closer to the surface of the water a young rambunctious midshipman couldn't wait for the ship to lower all the way down. With a bowie knife in his mouth, a rope in his hand He jumped off the larboard side and swan dived into the ocean below.
"There goes Michael," one of the crewmen said.
"I swear that the young sir got his first kiss stolen by a mermaid," said another.
"Nay, the way that boy swims I'd say he took her first time from her along with her seashells." the crewman said making a lewd gesture.
The whole crew let out a hearty laugh before diving into the waters as well.
The men caught a lot of fish both finned and crustaceans. Midshipmen Michael came back with a full rope of fish threaded through their gills like a necklace. As to not inflate the boy's ego the crew told him to come back with a real big one and not a bunch of little ones. Michael took on the challenge as soon as he heard one of the officers echo their sentiments.
"AYE SIR," he said as he dove back in.
It didn't take long before he spotted a ten foot sailfish. That's big enough he thought. The boy was as fast most creatures in the sea but the sailfish had him out classed. The fish swam into a large underwater cave and the boy followed. Michael hope the cave would end soon because it was getting too dark to see. Just as he was about to call the chase off, a green glow  illuminated the cave. The sailfish appeared to be swimming back he's way. The fish was a hundred meters away from Michael before it got eaten.
The midshipmen started to head back as soon as he saw the monster that could eat a ten foot sailfish like an hors d'oeuvres. Michael didn't want to be the next selection on the menu. The green glow coming from the monster shined brighter in the boy's peripheral vision making him swim even harder. He was able to reach the mouth of the cave ducking up into the top edge. He spat out his knife and stabbed the monster as it left the cave. The knife ran through the Monster's back until it got caught on a bone. The monster kept swimming and Michael held on for the ride. The monster breached the surface and flailed like a bucking bronco, a hundred and fifty foot bronco. Michael was tossed around like a flag in a hurricane.
The flailing eventually died as the monster succumbed to it's wounds.
The midshipmen took several trips to bringing back a giant filet of the sea monster. The crew were awestruck in disbelieve when they saw the creature. The monster had the face and body of an eel but it had seventh tentacle at the tail end. The ship's cook had to use the furnace that they used to disguise the ship as a storm cloud for ambushes to smoke all the fish they caught. The ship had enough food to last a year aloft.
The sea monster was tasty. There a crazy amount of umami in it which flavored the sauce rather than the other way round. The crew took a liking to this savory dish that they learned when you ate enough of it your tongue would start to glow green. Even the galley glow green went the cook sauteed the giant creature. With roasted potatoes other vegetables served on the side the crew became fat and happy telling each other big fish stories but none were as remarkable as the midshipmen who slayed a sea monster with just his bowie knife.