Captain Horatio Morlock

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Captain Horatio Morlock leads a crew of sky pirates aboard airship "The Burning Duchess's Curse". With his Steam powered railgun as his sidearm of choice, he raids unexpecting ships. Appearing and vanishing in a cloud of smoke, he has been called the "Magician of the skies". 

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Night Phoenixes vs The Iron Badgers

by Captain Horatio Morlock

(A writen account on how a game of Perch Ball is played.)

After Finishing a job for the army the base commander requests for a Perch Ball match from Morlock and his team to play theirs. 



by Captain Horatio Morlock

A little known sports that every airship crew plays or should play

Quest for the Red Lens.

by Captain Horatio Morlock

The Crew finds themselves going to the outskirts of western Prush to steal the rest of the map from a dig site when an dangerous third party enters the search.

Cover Art

by Captain Horatio Morlock

Cover art for my adventure story.