Coin House (card game)

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Coin House is a game played with a deck of cards and a coin.

The game needs at least two players but is most commonly played with three or more.

The game started with the dealer handing out 7 cards to each player. players make bets and place 1 card face up.

The dealer draws a card from the deck and places it face up in the center. This is the house card. Every player who's card is the same color may enter the house for the next round. If there is only one person in the house they take the pot.

The next round players pick a high or low card face down. Then they will place bets again. The dealer will flip a coin. if the coin lands on heads the highest card wins, if tails the lowest card wins. If there is a tie The dealer draws a card and keeps drawing from the deck until a card matches suits with one of the tied players for the win.

Rules on Aces 

Aces during the coin phase can be high or low depending on the house card they put down. 7s and up turns Aces high, 6s and lower turns Aces low. Double Aces can not be beat only tied by another pair of Aces.