The Flight Of The Dodo

a story
2016-07-20 23:43:35,
2020-01-02 05:53:20
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There it was, the ground, the enemy of all ships, especially ships made for the sky. Seconds ago the trees and buildings were just specks, now i can see the people in the street, the birds in the trees and the shadow of my doomed airship growing. I reached for my cup of brandy, but the bottle, cup and end table were flying around my cabin. Only the bolted down chair and I held fast. I pulled back on the stick, but it broke off in my hand. I reached for the emergency chutes, but remembered that I didn't bother repacking them from last time. What a calamity I thought, I forgot to purchase airship insurance, and my best vest collection was in the hold. I checked my watch and checked the ti….