New Social Media (Citizens Reddit and Discord)

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2018-06-04 10:08:37,
2018-08-22 19:02:56
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Citizens of Antiford now has its own Discord channel! At the moment this is a Semi-Private channel where only members of the website have access to the content listed here. Soon we will open this up to a select members of the Steampunk Community. You need a discord channel account to access it and will need to be given a limited and timed link to join and access the channel. As soon as we can customize the discord link we will make the permanent for everyone. Please request a link be sent to you if you have missed a link in the past.

EDIT:  LINK to discord:

The other new Citizen's Social media revealed at the event was our reddit channel as well: for those who are active or have an account of reddit. We already get a large amount of foot traffic there so please feel free to post links to your stories and flair it as official or as a country you like. Also be sure to share the love and upvotes whenever you can. Feel free to subscribe to the reddit to get more Antiford content.

Both here in the discord or in the Reddit feel free to share more pictures, memes, history nuggets, videos, etc etc if it reminds you of something in the world of Orr or a cool idea people might consider. It's a little more casual then the facebook group/page or on the website itself.

Let's not forget to call out the other, alternate social media accounts of Antiford. There is also the twitter @antiford you can follow and tweet at as well as an instagram page.