Animals- According to Wild Araz

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Wild Araz has you, as a humble Zoo Hobo living in the basement, ascend to becoming one of the most skilled Zoo Animal catchers in Antiford as you travel all around the Istoki Desert looking for local creatures to bring in the locals and the tourists alike.

Along the way, not only will you see staples of Antiford like the Shield Bat and the Skuttlekovy, but we’ll meet some newer, less talked about critters like the Desert Hornet and the Prushian Mole. This small guide is to bring to light the kinds of Animals you can expect to see and find in Wild Araz, but also to shed some light on the wildlife found in our desert many people overlook for Ferocious Goblins and twin-tailed Scorpions.

Disclosure- Items found within subject to change. Not necessarily cannon. For cannon Animal facts please see the Encyclopedia or talk with an expert.