Where are we going?! (2013 Edition)

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2013-01-31 13:36:31,
2013-04-16 18:47:27
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Hello Folks!

The year of 2013 is now upon us! (Technically we are already about a month in, but that's neither here nor there...)

So where are the Citizens appearing?

Charles River Museum of Industry Monthly Meetups
On a Sunday, every month!
Waltham, MA

February 1-3
Warwick, RI

Air City Expedition
April 12-14
Nashua, NH

Steampunk Watch City Festival
May 11-12
Waltham, MA

June 21-23
Portland, ME

Another Anime Convention
October 18-20
Manchester, NH

November 1-3
Colchester, VT