A Brief on Canon and Marshals

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2014-08-08 13:18:01
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(Kan-uh n)


A standard; criterion: the canons of taste.

What is Canon?

Canon is a “status” that places, people, things, and ideas are granted when they are accepted as in-world truth by the order and/or the citizens.

Why is it important?

Canon is used in the world of Citizens of Antiford to provide an ordered, stable base to create off of. In short, canon creates a fictional timeline of the world.

How do I achieve Canon?

A citizen can submit a story or an encyclopedia entry for canon by emailing their completed intended entry to the Order. Because of it’s nature, the submission must be cross checked to make sure that it does not conflict with any other previously canon entries. This process may take some time due to amount of previously canonized works to check against. Once an entry is inserted into the encyclopedia or marked canon, it will not be removed from this status.

What happens when my canon submission conflicts with previous canon?

The order and required marshals will work with you in order to approve your submission. This process is a give-and-take, but ultimately we try to make all parties happy with their decisions to add to the world.