Vehicles of Antiford

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Paddock's Carriage

Description: Heavily Armored Compartment (a Carriage) with engines that are separate from the carriage that pull it forward (via wheels or tracks). Twin, Quad or sometimes (rarely) single engines are used. Military or private Carriages also can come with gun emplacements and cannon attachments.

History: Inspiration for the term “Paddy Wagon”. Roan Paddock was a Tinker in 1820 who earned his living selling his small contraptions and running a Coach service. He immigrated to Antiford in 1821 and his coach service was promising, but he struggled keeping Horses, Great Horned Deer, and Chankas alive in the desert. While trying to earn money for a new Chanka team, he worked part time on the new Airships, Steam Sea Ships, and even the growing Railroad trade. One day, he bagan playing around with engines and boilers. Perfecting a design for a self propelling engine of a smaller size, he used those to pull his Stage Coaches. After his design not only proved fast and reliable, but also profitable, he grew his coach business. By his death in 1863, the "Paddy Wagon" design was not only popular, but was a standard in Antiford as well as other countries in Araz.

The Carriage also became the inspiration for Steambikes, for people began modifying and riding the engines all on their own as a means for quick travel.