Gone Wrong

a story
2016-10-12 19:20:35
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      A boy and his sister were walking down the street in Gearford late one night. The boy was telling his younger sister scary stories as they walked, for it was late at night and the empty streets gave an eerily creepy vibe to the city. He took great joy in how she played with the ribbon in her hair as she frighteningly scanned the streets around them.

      When the boy had scared his sister really good, he noticed they had turned onto a street which was barren and deserted. As they walked, his little sister wanted to examine some drawings other children had made on the sides of buildings with chalk.

      Seeing an opportunity, the boy dashed aside, quietly, and waited behind a cart, out of sight a little down the road. He stifled his laughter as he waited for her to realize she was left alone on the deserted road and he had vanished without a trace. As he waited, he listened intently to the silent world around him.

      She let out a small whimper, and he stifled his laughter. She must have turned around and noticed she was alone. He waited for her to call out, or begin walking down the road towards his hiding place. So many thoughts and ideas ran through his head. Oh, how he'd get her good.

      However, the minutes began to carry on and soon he began to wonder what was taking her. he decided to peer over the cart to get a glimpse of her frightened face.

      She was gone. Standing up, his eyes scanned the street and all the alleyways in sight. She was no where to be seen. He stepped out of his hiding place, and called to her. He received no answer. Rushing to the house she was examining, he cried out for her. Unable to find her, he realized there was something left behind on the sidewalk. A large lock of hair lay on the ground, a little bow wrapped around it. It rested on a spattering of warm, bright red blood. 

      His heart stopped. he cried out once more, searching frantically. His sister was no where to be seen. She had vanished without a trace, silently into the night.