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2015-07-23 18:46:21
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Bust-kettle Boilers

I have developed a new steam boiler, the bust-kettle boiler! Assuming it survives it's first run, the bust kettle is a form of flash boiler with a reinforced firebox to Handel an explosion, as it needs this in order to oporrate. There is a saddle tank that stretches all the way around the boiler holding gunpowder. When a fire is lit in the firebox, it triggers the gunpowder and creates heat higher than 215 degrees in less than 1.5 seconeds. This boiler has only one firetube thus it is aloud to be considered a kettle boiler.

This boiler does tend to be...well dangerous and inefficient. However I will get to it soon after I work on some of the smaller engines.