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Just want to say hi all and sort of re-introduce myself. Many of you may remember me from this past years A.C.E. I just want to say thanks to everyone here for being so kind and helpful to getting this whole thing added back into my comfort zone. I'm normally a fairly shy person around new people so thanks to everyone for being you haha. Also, extended thanks to Sam [Mr. Buford], Erik [Cpt. VonKresser], Greg [Cpt. Nolan] and Jada [Huntress Rilain] [Please excuse me if it takes me awhile to remember your real name and/or character name, i'm terrible with names] for being there for me to help me get my foot in the door here and get better acquainted with my character. I will be working more on the story and will have a full write up at some point in the near future. Thanks again :]