Jaydn *Blitz* Willard


Basic Description:
[Grabbed this breakdown from an old Character Creator class I took for an Story-Based RPG I played]

*Character undergoing serious overhaul as story is fleshed out, information is subject to change at any moment until it's right*

• Attributes
- Name: Jaydn "Blitz" Willard (Jay, BigJ, Blitz)
- Appearance (Sex: Male, Age: 19, Height: 5'8", Weight: 280lbs, Hair Color: Blonde/D.Blonde, Clothing: ? BodyType: HeavySet)
- Race: Human [Prush]
- SocioEconomic Class: Lower-Mid Class
- Religion: Agnostic
- Birth Place: Small Nomad tribe in Prussian Desert
- Place: Mechanic aboard "The Desert Vulture" / Left-Hand to Emporer Diederich Von Kresser
- Quirks: Must don a mocking Germanic Accent whenever his Captain is around / Has a rather dark past and uses his lust for revenge to fuel his drive, slowly realizing that not everyone is out to kill him / 

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