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2017-01-19 13:52:19
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Hey Yo! We're The Bad Guys

"Hard work pays off. Dreams come true.
Bad times don't last, BUT BAD GUYS DO."    
                 - Razor Ramon (aka Scott Hall)

Greetings, I'd like to welcome you to the Technocratic Order's Open House.
Come learn about the Order, our history.
And then cordially invite you into the shadow world of the bad guys with me.

Raison D'etre
Evil Shadows joking aside, right now I'm the only citizen that is Technocratic. In this particular case, when I use the word citizen I mean a user of the Antiford website with an in-world persona. When I stated developing my character background, I didn't intend to join up with the bad guys. Join up the "bad guys" just evolved as a reasonable idea and ultimately made sense as I explored different things.

The biggest questions I keep circling back to is, what does it mean to be an Technocrat in Antiford? That's a good question. At the highest level, The Technocratic Order is the ruling force of Antiford but a Shadow force that thinks it's benevolently guiding Antiford forward. Some times, we're the bureaucracy stealing your mechanical toy dollies.  But after that, not much else is fleshed out,and perhaps among everyone too much head-cannon (stuff that's true, but not written down anywhere)  

Hence the purpose of this blog:  
It is a place to take a look at topics, flesh out things, explore ideas, concepts, and anything technocratic related. 

Doesn't Matter If We're Evil, We Won and In Charge Now.

There's this in-world / out-of-world disconnect on how the Technocratic Order is seen and how it sees itself.  

Let me try an explain in in terms of an epic RPG game. The end game of an Antiford RPG would a huge battle with the Technocrats as the bad guys. And in an epic scope of a Japanese RPG (JRPG), this is going to result in some grand battle to free Anitford from the Technocrats. (Tough luck doing that, It's not happening).  This is the out-of-world and the opposition view of the Technocracy.

The quote at the top of this piece is from Scott Hall. Yep a wrestler. He was Razor Ramone in the WWE (back then WWF) and then jumped shipped to WCW to form the "New World Order". Yes, I'm talking Wrestling. Wrestling is a great example to look to in terms of character. Each week. Each month. Show to Show. Match to Match. They're building characters and stories. They're building characters for people to cheer for (Faces), and those you'll want to boo and hate (Heels). In this regards, when you approach a "Heel" character give them a reason for them to be right. Know their viewpoint, and run with it. 

Now let's talk about how the Technocrats see themselves. If you look back at Antiford's history from the Technocractic standpoint, the grand JRPG was the revolution that ousted the Monarchy. Game Over. We won and in charge now.  In this regards, the first thing that took place was to get rid of the royality and replaced them as we saw fit. I talked in detail about the symbolism in my Trapezoid article.  From our perspective, we are remaking the world and bring about great social change. To give you a better idea of from this perspective.  If Les Mis were to be set in Antiford,  Jean Valjean is a Technocrat and Javert is Royalty (or working for them). If we're talking about Hamilton: An American Musical, Alexander Hamilton and Lafayette are Technocrats.

What I'm trying to get at is if you're going to write a Technocratic character,  give them fevor in what they believe in. Give them the swagger that what they are doing and thinking is RIGHT. Give them a mandate. This is the grounding to start with that will make a technocratic character fleshed out. Ignore this you'll get a flat, uninteresting, trite character who might as well just be a name that can be replaced at will. You might as well make them mustached twirling villains chasing after squirrel and moose.    

So the question is Brother, Whatcha Gonna Do When Technocracy Runs Wild On You!