Night Comes

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2013-07-21 20:39:12,
2015-03-12 08:03:02
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The Glass Octopus

The desert night air was cold in his lungs. His breath was visible as he slowly exhaled. He scanned the Saks district from his perch high above the city, like the Glass octopus in a tree from which he took his name sake.

This was his first night out after finally assembling his gear. The unbearable decay of the city around him... the crime had been on the rise as the league of Techno-Doom had seized power of Gearford and set it's sights now on the whole nation; it was up to him to stop them.

He hated how the city was quiet. For a town this big, it shouldn't be this quiet. But, It gave him time to think about how it came to this:

The tragic murder of his parents that left him an orphan, then the orphanage fire that set his fragile world ablaze and left him on his own. His identity and record of birth now lost for all time, he was a ghost, and has lived like that since- hiding in the shadow, stealing and fighting to survive. Being alone made him stronger. He now lived in an abandoned goblin hive miles away from the town.

His cavern of silence, his octopus cave.

From there he trains and plans his next move in the fight to restore order.