1803-01-11 to 1877-03-31


Dun'cahrun (Crime Syndicate)

Astrid Westergaard

A guide to a particular mob in Argenstrath, lead by Ryan Holme.


An oral history of the great Demon war

The Emperor of Prush

Stories of the great demon war.


How Phinneus Took to the Sky

Phinneus Caractacus Cromwell
The origin of Phinneus Cromwell.

A Chance Meeting

Olivia Annette Adams

The story of how Olivia's parents met. 

Submission for the Short Story Challenge


Astrid's Multimedia Challenge

Astrid Westergaard

this is the second time I've written this damn thing, so y'all better read it. 

for the Multimedia Challenge.


Waiting for Julian

Lucas Merriweather Buford
A young Lucas waits anxiously for his father to get home.

Written for the Flash Fiction—Springtime!  challenge.

Poisoned Flowers

Astrid Westergaard
canonstrong languageflash-fiction

Bran// In Nyxiana, it is traditional to place a circle of white lilies on the coffin of the deceased as a blessing that will bring them peace and joy in the afterlife. Written for the Loss and Mourning Challenge.


His & Mine

Astrid Westergaard

Astrid //A series of flash fiction stories in which Astrid and Ronan ditch every ceremony required of them during their betrothal. 
Written for the Spring Flash Fiction Challenge


First Flight

Theodore Emelior Beem
in-progressviolencestrong language

Once upon a time, Theodore Emelior Beem was just a young teen with dreams of flying. Then his friend John was terrorized by some Mayberry bullies.  What could he possibly do to help?

Inspired by the "Child's Play" Flash Fiction Challenge, this story offers a flashback to the early life of T.E Beem, who was first introduced in "Excelsior".

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