Diederich The Great,Episode 4 Bite out of crime

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2014-09-16 05:55:02
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The new ship was buzzing with life on this Cielday morning. Hob was teaching the midshipmen how to work the timing levers and First Mate Wirtz was patronizing the new help on board.  The only member of the crew that didn’t have a Proper job was Diederich.  He had been sleeping in his throne. Books and maps surrounded him. He was sound asleep Until, Viscount Rung stepped up to the sleeping emperor. “Sir I have a written report detailing the attack last week” said Rung.  Diederich with his head still down stuck out his hand and grabbed the bundle.  Diederich sat up and started to flip around the pages. “So… a steel spider attacked you?” Diederich asked. “Well yes we were attacked by an iron spider of sorts” answered Rung.  Diederich looked at another page “well it looks like this iron spider was the size of a bug compared to the vulture, good job defending the ship”. “Look you Arschgesicht! If we didn’t attack that city we wouldn’t have lost twenty men, and a land ship!” yelled Rung. The whole ship was quite, except the ticking of the spring motor.

Diederich got out of his seat and slapped Rung’s face “Halt die Fresse! Sie über pompösen Müll Landwirt! ich sollte dich jetzt töten, wenn ich nicht brauchen Ihre prallen Arsch! Ich will essen Sie Ihre Säuglingen! Sie nicht einmal wissen, wie dick buchstabieren, Sie nicht einmal ein, und du riechst! Wann haben Sie zuletzt Dusche! Ich wette nie!” Diederich yelled. Rung lower his head and stepped out of the room.  “Do not think that I don’t understand the gravity of our situation! We were attacked and we lost, but I have found something very troubling. I fear that this “government” is nothing but a parlor game, and my people are the pawns!” Diederich shuffled thru the report and pulled out a picture of the “iron spider”.  Diederich inspected the picture and marched up to the wall. He pulled out a blade and pinned it to the wall.

Hob walked in, “ahhh is this a bad time?” Diederich turned and looked at Hob. “No! It’s the best time! What is wrong?”. Hob lifted his brass left arm, and opened his steely hand. He had a bloody hat. Diederich just looked and chuckled “did someone get stuck in the main driving gear… again?” Hob just looked at Diederich and finally said “no I fear it is murder!” Diederich just looked at hob. “Really, murder? Well sadly Hob this whole ship is filed with killers. We did free all of the crew from jail, remember? You said that they were mostly loyalists and for the sovereign Emperor!” then the entire ship yelled in unison “Wiederherstellen!” Hob answered “Well that’s all well Sir but we do run a war ship here and this is the fifth man that may have been murdered, at this rate we won’t have a crew” Diederich rummaged around his pockets and pulled out a round silver medal. “If you think we need to take this mad dog down, and then I hear by grant you “Law man” Diederich pined the medal on Hobs chest and went back to his seat. 

Hobs snuck around the ship, he checked every supply room and every cabin, but nothing out of the normal. Hob was devastated, why can’t find this killer! Hob went down to the motor room and sat down on a wooden box. He pulled out his trusty pipe and puffed away. Hob didn’t notice the shadowy figure lurking around the corner. Hob started to sing his favorite song. The shadowy figure grabbed a lead pipe and with a quick whack Hob was on the ground. With a few more smacks Hobs was dead….well at lest he looked dead.