The story of Kenneth Vermoor. aka "the Gauntlet of Denbolt"

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Gauntlet of Denbolt.

Kenneth Vermoor nicknamed the Gauntlet of Denbolt. Is a lone wanderer in Antiford with one goal in mind. To protect those who cannot protect themselves. During the Prush war His father Nigel Vermoor a farmer at the time in the small town of Denbolt a town on the outskirts of Conwell was one of the casualties when the war found itself to Denbolt. Both sides of the war played a hand in those casualties and Kenneth wanted to make sure no one else would have to deal something like that again. He picked up his gun-blade and started fighting back both sides until they were forced to retreat and continue their fighting elsewhere. He’s called the Gauntlet of Denbolt, because to the people of that town he is their strength. He was always kind-hearted and looked up to by the peopled left in the wake of the fighting who must now rebuild. He fights for justice and now continues to wander Antiford searching out oppression and wrongdoing anywhere he finds it. No one should ever have to feel like the people from his town did. Bystanders should not have to die because of someone else’s war. He remains the same kind-hearted man he was, only now… He has a vendetta.