Night Phoenixes vs The Iron Badgers

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2020-06-29 21:51:44,
2020-07-10 09:16:59
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Arriving on to the pitch

Just beyond the Northern side of Mayberry, the Antiford Army Air Corps station is located. Most people know the army to deploy landships or trains but they do have a large fleet of airships for combat and logistics. That being said the army will contract private companies for cost efficiency on certain tasks.

The Burning Dutchess was hired for such a task. This was a very rewarding opportunity. Not only was the pay good but they were permitted to keep the ship in one of the hangers which meant that more of the crew could go out on shore leave. Most of the crew headed their way into the Gearford except for the ships Perch Ball team. The air corps commander challenged the Captain to a match in preparation of their Rivaled game against the navy.

There were plenty of Hangers empty but the General wanted to play the game aboard his flagship that was barely hovering above the tarmac. Captain Morlock and his men marched to the ship in their black and red jersey uniforms. They boarded the hanger deck where the game was going to be held. The General welcomed them aboard with his team standing in formation behind him in their desert brown with horizontal white pinstriped jersey uniforms. 

"So your team is a Captained team, and a Crow at that" the General said. 

Captained Team meaning the commander of the ship is an active player.

"Yes sir, I'm looking forward to today's game," Morlock said.

Before the game the referees checked out the brooms for gadgets, weights or blades. After that the brooms were required to be covered. 

Both teams took the pitch

It was the Iron Badgers vs the Night Phoenixes 

They both played with three fielders and two Swatters.