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2015-02-27 16:15:45
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Outrage In Libertyville

Outrage strikes the denizens of the middle west as the Prush Confederacy finds itself once again on the brink of civil war. A warmonger with ill claim to the royal family has appeared out of no-where. Going by the name of Diederich Eirck VonKresser, this warmonger has amassed a swarm of followers and is rallying the Confederacy's poor to rebel against their oppressive government.

In Lentz, senators are split on what to think and do about the proceeds.  Senator John Unounden is leading a party of pro-revolutionaries. His stance is "If we aid VonKresser to over through our Northern neighbors then we can have a say in our neighbors new order, ensuring peace with our aged foe and bring about a new era of peace".

Other Senators, like Erica VonHapsberg, have lead an anti-revolution platform. Their argument is that "By allowing someone who claims to be royalty to claim right to public office then we might be opening the door to a madman who may want to 'reclaim the old empire' and destroy our way of life". Many of the public are rallying behind this group.

One thing is very clear, however. While the senators bicker about which side they may want to support, the public make their voice very clear in Libertyville. Humans and Vibranni alike make it very clear that Mercia should keep its stand of independence during this conflict. 

Vibranni citizens make a clear stance on hatred of the VonKresser family for their notorious war crimes against Vibranni kind. They also have no love for the enslavement of Vibranni and the genocide loved by the confederacy. Humans are siding with them, and crying out that it isn't our fight to get involved. One thing is clear, however: Mercians are not ready to give up their independence. 

All this may be for not, either way. As the Prush Confederacy is alright deathly close to bankruptcy as it is, the impoverished nation can't afford to fight a civil war. With VonKresser and his Desert Vultures pouring all their funds into the rebellion, it is unlikely they would be able to do any better with the poorly held together country. It could take years before the confederacy is even in a united position to threaten its neighbors.

More on this story as it develops. Stay Mercian. Stay Proud.

~Written by Fritz Whetherberger