Thoughts of a Victim as if Written on Paper

a story
2015-05-21 10:55:11
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Strapped down. Can't move. My fingers stretch forward, but can't free me.

Someone's coming. I can't see, I can hear. They're alone? No. There's others.

I feel their hand on my shoulder, pinning me down. Panic. I'm panicking. I'm flailing. Help! They have something?

Oh god, yes, they're putting it in my mouth?! Slimey, crawling, it's alive! It's scratching my lips as I bite down to kill it. Kill it? Force it out?

It's strong! It's breaking my teeth! Breaking my jaw!

It's going down my throat. Fire. Fire! Fire! My throat is being ripped open!?

Relief. It's in my body but I can't feel it anymore.

I can hear chanting. It's getting louder, excited. Excited? Why?

My eyes!! My eyes are bleeding! They're melting? My eyes!

I scream, but is that my voice? I'm gurgling and retching and trying to scream.

Blood is pouring out of my mouth!

Oh god my chest! It's in my chest! I feel it, burrowing through and it's on my spine?

Oh god! I scream! Scream? Fire! It feels like fire! Fire fire fire!! I can't breathe! My bones are falling into me?!

Help! Fire fire fire!