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Cielday, the 10th of Skia in the Oforand of 1885
Sir Otto Landry VanHus, Chief Reeve of Outerford

For posterity, I have been asked to report on the exploits of our policing action in Outerford. Today we reached our outpost in Karhand…

The old airship rocked with every gust of wind that blows off of the deserts dunes. “Ten miles until we reach Karhand Chief Reeve!” reported one of the pilots. Sir VanHus, the Chief Reeve of Outerford dug out his brass pocket watch and inspected its hands; he had been in this gas bag for six hours. Behind his airship followed twelve mismatched airships, all with the Prush confederate flag newly painted on the portside of each ship. All the ships were newly pressed into serves two days ago, when Otto got a letter from the capital. The letter detailed that in his district, Outerford, There had been an attack and a murder perpetrated by an outlaw. As the Chief Reeve of Outerford it was his duty to muster up the militia and to track down this desert bandit. In his 2 years of being in charge of this district he had never had to muster a militia or hunt a man down. Outerford was known as the most crime ridden sector of all of Prush, and that was saying something. After the civil war, when the emperor was killed and his family removed from power, law and order went out the window. In fact there had been more deaths from the reuniting of the country then the war. What made this outlaw different in the eyes of the capital was who he killed. He killed a very rich count and on top of that this outlaw destroyed a quarter of a city.
Karhand was a dusty sand pile of a town. Most of the people there were old folks and disabled veterans of the war of Antiford aggression. The town did boost an earthen fort, built by the local law enforcement to combat bandits. The 48th Outerford militia will now call it home for the next 4-5 months. Otto was the first one to enter. The fort was no more than 3 brick and wood houses connected by 6 foot rock walls. The main door was built out of wood planks and in the middle of this rats nest was a flag pole and a dryed out well. Otto moved himself and his staff into the largest house in the fort, he was accompanied by 3 orderlies and surgeon and a captain of arms. This was a far cry to when he was an infantry commander of the regular Prush army, fighting Antiford. Even this field trip to the boondocks of Outerford was a welcomed sight from his normal job of paper pushing. Here in the field he was commanding again, he had 57 men under his command, 5 sections. A whole company of Prush militiamen, Along with his company he was lent a volley gun section and a light mortar battery. Whoever this outlaw was he was most definitely out gunned. In the morning, parts of the company of militia and himself would be patrolling the locale towns and byways for any sign of the outlaw.

…..I will send more reports as needed,