The Demon Revolution, Part One

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Royal Palace, 1883


The palace was in an uproar. The noise was overwhelming, and fire and smoke stung the children’s eyes.  Gunshots echoed in the halls of the servants’ quarters, drowning out the screams. Gregor did the only thing a child could do, he ran, his baby brother in swaddling clothes clutched tight against his chest. He ran as fast as his new formed Verknemchelov feet could carry him. He stumbled into a room untouched by the fire and gasped.


A man lay slumped awkwardly against a bookshelf, a small sack laying open in front of his outstretched hand, and more money than the child had ever seen splayed out in front of the sack. Gregor had, in his eyes, gotten around quite a bit, he even saw a ten simo coin once, but this…