Loss and Mourning

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2018-06-11 18:22:31
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Hello All.

We hope you have enjoyed the spring and you have worked hard on your Multimedia project. Now we are back with another flash fiction challenge.

This time we are looking at the darker side of the world we live in by analyzing death, loss, and mourning in the world of Orr. This means we will be looking at things like how your character(s) deal with death and loss, how do our cultures deal with death, or how mourning is handles.

Examples include what is an Antiford funeral like? How would your character deal with the loss of someone close. How long is it allowed for someone to mourn, and is there a cultural rule with how they can mourn. Is there a religious ceremony not explored? Does the death of someone drastically change your character or a character they know?

All these and more are yours to explore in 600 words or less give or take. Prepare for this Flash Fiction challenge!