Invisible Shadow

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In 1894, a series of 22 Mill workers reported sick to their local clinic. In nine hours, twenty lay dead, with another ten in serious condition. However, a few days later, no new patients were admitted, and work continued on. Until about a week later, when seven outbreaks of the same virus sprung up ib Ghettos of Argenstrath, Gearford, Astam Junction, and Hjem. The Vibranni ghettos and Villages around the towns also began to fall ill by the hundreds.

The Technocratic council tried not to worry about it, but it was when word reached over seas that a similar sickness was spreading in Paor, that is when panic struck. Soon, the Technocrats could see the issue. With a load of new funds being poured into medical Science in the coming weeks, they expected a cure to arise before it got out of hand.

However, it only took another two days for every town and city in Antiford to have near 100 dead by this new disease. People began shutting their doors to visitors. Mills lost entire work forces overnight. Businesses failed and crumbled. Hospitals were soon obsolete and over full. 

Soon, new problems arose. Carpenters were called on to make the cheapest and fastest coffins they could in bulk. Instantly Titanian and Mercian wood skyrocketed in price, and never had the demand been so high. Entire work forces set to digging shallow graves, even going into thee dunes for mass burials. However, the influx of trade soon stopped altogether as the plague that had gripped Antiford by the throat now was spreading even faster into Titania and South Araz. The Titanians, whose majority were of the Yeti race, were surprisingly resilient to the Influenza, many surviving the fevers and illnesses which killed humans and Vibranni. However, the Titanians could see many of them still falling ill to the disease, and could foresee illnesses that could be just as devastating. With Titania's Human and Vibranni population dwindling, they close their borders to Refugees and trade from other nations. 

In a last-ditch effort of hope. Many royalties and hopefuls traveled to Kuu in search for a cure. Kuu, who initially welcomes the seemingly endless volunteers and test subjects, seemed to have gotten close to finding it. However, with the wide spread of the disease and it's deadly effects, it wasn't long before Kuu researchers began falling ill with the very disease that they raced to cure. Soon, Kuu was suffering the heaviest loses of any nation, with thousands of deaths and bodies, literally, piling up in the streets. After two months since the first outbreak, Kuu finally fell to the Influenza. The Nation went silent, and many began to return from Kuu telling of entire cities turned into graves and not a soul to be found. With that, many turned to Argenstrath in Antiford.

Antiford, however was doomed. Complete Anarchy has surfaced. The Technocrats, now entirely ruled by Doctor S. Carter, claimed Titania to have a cure, or a vaccine, and that they closed their border to hide it. Aligning with the Prush Confederacy, Mercia, and several Paorean nations, they orchestrated the largest scale attack on Titania the world had ever known. What was meant to be a saving grace only fed the Influenza. The battlefield allowed it to fester and mutate. A stronger Influenza now struck down Yeti and human alike. The corpuses of the battlefield only turned entire areas into incubation for the Influenza. By the time the war was deemed useless, and an Armistace was settled upon by the field generals, most government figures were falling ill to the Influenza, and many survivors were now catching the new, mutated strands from Veterans returning home.

It only took three months until total, world wide Anarchy gripped Orr. The death toll being in the Billions, and the known Vibranni population having been wiped off Orr, governments failed and Nomadic families and communities began to form, all trying to escape the graves. Slowly, the Influenza began to die off, but not before it had left Araz un inhabitable to most living creatures and Paor was suffering. The only 'Nation' which could be heard of was the Nation of the Badger, which was believed to be started by Antiford nomads who began a seasonal nomadic culture in Southern Mercia. 

Orr was never the same again.