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News From Discovery Day to Deimber, 1897

Wrathchild Named Progress Czar 

Prime Minister Mordecai Marigold has announced that Gilbert Melker Wrathchild will be his “Progress Czar”. Mr. Wrathchild is charged with leadership of the newly formed “Prime Minister’s Committee for Antiford Progress”, or “The Progress Committee” for short. This is a new ad hoc committee charged with the development of new public works project, promotion and creation of home grown technologies, and policies for the betterment of Antiford as whole. While vague ad hoc committees authorized to work across all Ministries have existed before, this is the first one to report directly to the Prime Minister instead to the Technocratic Council. Not every Technocrat seems to be happy about this arrangement or the appointment of a Wrathchild in such a position.  

New Flussel Restrictions in Antiford

The Office of The Prime Minister has put in place a new policy requiring the permitting of all use of flussel power in order to operate within Antiford. Many have noted that on paper these new policies do not consist of an outright ban. However most permits so far have been denied based on government technical notes (or otherwise known informally as the “Approved Technocratic” notes) showing Asymr outperforming flusseline and the cost of importing flussel itself.

Water Works Groundbreaking

Prime Minister Mordecai Marigold and the Progress Czar Gilbert Wrathchild were in Argenstrath for ceremonial ground breaking. This was the first of new series of modern water reclamation and desalination plants being constructed by the government. In additional to the new water work plants, it was announced construction of new water holds to expand Antiford’s strategic water reserves. The Prime Minister spoke saying, “Simply, Water is life. Thus it is our duty to ensure it is there for all.” Government analysts are pleased with the announcements and now predict that cost of water will begin subside after reaching record highs.

Prime Minister Opens Adellen Cactus Festival

Prime Minister Mordecai Marigold was a surprise guest to open this year’s Adellen Cactus Festival. The Prime Minister in his opening remarks called the yearly mid-summer cactus blooming event as “a Hidden gem of Antiford’s Natural Beauty”. With the exposure of the Prime Minister, Gearford papers called it a “not-to-be-missed” event. The town has reported that the larger than expected crowds resulted a demand for regular daily train service.

Potts Family victorious at Antiford Grand Prix, Abacus wins the Premier Breed

Benjamin Potts is the winner of the 1897 Antiford Grand Prix Premier Race. Mr. Potts entered this year’s race after joining the Asymr Power team. The Grand Prix U20 Race was won by Hermes Potts of Asymr Power. The young Hermes Potts is the son of Benjamin Potts and makes the first time a Father and Son have had back to back wins at the Antiford Grand Prix. The wins here by Asymir Power was a complete surprise as the team is newly formed after Discovery Day with the purpose of displaying off Asymr technology. The Premier Breed race was won by a White Haven Heavy Draft named Abacus. This was the third victory at the Gran Prix by horse jockey Harkle Eldridge and owner Doctor Eldon Luther Von Kladderadatsch.

Weekly Informer Shutdown

The Weekly Informer, a local newsprint in Astam Junction, has ceased operations after its owner and operator, Darius Ashmore, was arrested and charged with sedition and spreading false information. An effort to find and destroy all copies of the newsprint’s final run was conducted after it again published ugly rumors by Technocratic opposed thinkers. In this case, it was the claim that Prime Minster Mordecai Marigold himself pushed to ban flussel by permit in part after being disgusted with the dirty exhaust generated by the demonstration on Discovery Day. Reputable Gearford Newsprints, with connections with or known for their technocratic leanings were quick to expand their readership with new Astam Editions.

Maybury Man Demolishes Home for Airship Launch

Over the weekend, Maybury resident conducted the demolition of his own home. Shakened and confused neighbors describe a scene of chaos afterwards. And then Mr. Theodore Emelior Beem returned by now flying through the skies in self-made airship. After landing, Mr. Beem was met with local Bobbies and taken to the Mayberry precinct Constable Meredith Vane addressed the crowd gathered at the precinct and announced that Mr. Beem had committed no crimes or incurred no fines. Therefore, he was free to go.

The Joke of the Week

This week’s joke winner comes from Raymond Andrew Lidgett of Sorditudo:
Why don’t you see delivery horses in Prush?  Cause in Prush, a horse is the food delivery.