Thoroughly Thrashing!

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Terencethe Thrasher

The night was dark and the alleyways of Argenstrath darker. It was this kind of atmosphere that would send a shiver up your spine. More so even, with a killer on the lose. He's been hunting at night in between the buildings and darker areas in the city. Finding one victim, doing his evil deed, then dispersing before anyone could get a good look at him.

The murderous chap would not only slice up the body but even sever there limbs. Clean slice marks were found on torso's of the deceased. Whoever was killing them this way used a sharp and precise blade. Recent roomers were that after he cuts off a few limbs he would toss one of the arms or legs in a different part of the city, opposite to where he actually takes the rest of the limbs. Its the investigators theory that he dose this to lead the police off of his trail.

Recently one girl was stabbed several times in the chest, before the killer could do more harm a civilian walked past and witnessed him. The killer fled the scene and ran off. The victim was able to give a report that the man had long black hair and a small amount of facial hair. The man also was noted to have a sharp facial structure.

The papers wrote about him endlessly and most citizens had started to stay in there homes at night. After two weeks the paper gave him a name, Terence the Thrasher.

A month went by before the Bobbies decided they needed a larger amount of help. They issued up a military ranked wanted poster and delivered them all over Antiford. It was this way Leo found the job. Not only was he interested in the payment off 500 caims but in the fact it was Technocrat approved military grade.

Four years ago the Technocrats had an issue catching a killer, he had murdered over one hundred people and was on the run. The bobbies were unable to catch him and even two generals in the Antifordian military were sent in and came out unsuccessfully. The Technocratic council, being strong believers in Technocracy, decided a bounty hunter would best fix the problem and retrieve the man. There was one problem in there solution they realized. Most Antifordian bounty hunters were ruthless and vicious. Most would just kill the man and collect the bounty for the dead body. The Technocrats wanted to make an example of the killer publicly so the strictly needed the man alive. They came up with a solution. The MRBHP, Military Regulated Bounty Hunting Professionals. A program that trained individuals loosely in military tactics and certified them in military, ranked as bounty hunters. These people would go through a year of training. After the year they are permitted to accept bounties that are military ranked. Military ranked bounties are not only greater in danger but you must always bring the bounty back alive. A large risk yes, but the payment was always nice. Sadly The Program itself did not become vary popular. Few have gotten certified because of the lack of government issue Military ranked bounties. There were roughly two per year. Not usually worth trouble of going through the training possess.

Leo was interested though. He was certified and willing. He took his ship and crew and flew off to Argenstrath and has been investigating the city and night.

Around a dark alleyway was Leo and Nigel, sneaking around.  

Dashing from one corner to the next. The two were not making any progress in finding any suspicious gentlemen unfortunately. Leo had almost but given up until he heard a short scream that was quickly muffled. It came from the east so that was the direction they rand off in.

"We still have to get there before the bobbies do, yes?" Nigel asked.

"Well, to be honest I'm not sure. Its a different kind of bounty authorized by the military but we should still get there before copper's do. Just to be safe."

Sprinting around several alleyways, and almost tripling twice on piles of fallen bricks off in between the buildings, they made there way to the location to where he heard the scream come from.

There was a dark walled dead end from three buildings. Leo and Nigel could make out two figures kneeling on the ground cloaked in shadows. One of the figures stood up. He was a tall man just from the silhouettes appearance, his top hat adding to the height even more so. There was a lack of sound of any sort for a moment until the figure spoke.

"Step aside." He said. The dark figure was trapped in a dead end and the only way out was through the path that Leo and Nigel were blocking. They both held there ground. The figure still standing there in his dark silhouette. Then the figure made a quick move, he tossed an object that landed right at Leo's feet. He and Nigel looked down and saw a severed arm laying there. Leo to a step back in shock and disgust. The other figure by the man must of been a new victim. A poor girl now dead and torn in pieces.

"You don't want to end up like her gentlemen. Step aside." The tall mad threatened with a graceful tone. He took a step closer, a small bit of moonlight was cast on his figure. He had shoulder length black hair and a goatee. His facial features will still hidden from clear view. The rest of him was dressed in a black suite with a long black wool jacket. Moving his hand to his hip the man took hold and unsheathed a sword. This has to be the killer Leo thought and that sword must be the murder weapon. The tool for the inhuman severing of limbs.

Nigel took a step forward and drew his own sword, a Prushin calvary sword form his day in the Prussin army. This was his most prized possession and his greatest skill. Nigel looked back to Leo.

"This one's mine." Nigel said. You could see the fire burning in his eyes. Nigel loved a good sword fight, but this was more then anxiety. Nigel hated this mans guts, his presents, every fiber of this tall figures being pissed Nigel off. He raised his sword up and pointed it at the tall figure, ​Terence the Thrasher.

"Carful there 'good sir' you could poke your eyes out." Terence mocked in a mono tone voice.

"Them's fight'n words." Nigel spat. He rolled his neck around and cracked it what seemed like 8 times.

In a blink of an eye they both charged. Terence was quick and precise with every strike of his blade, but Nigel's sword was built to defend and counter swift movements such as these. Terence made a downward slash to sever Nigel's right arm but he dodged to the left and delivered a punch directly into Terence's jaw. He jumped back to recover from the blow. It was a hard hit and his head was dizy for a moment. He went back in thrashing his sword around even faster now. He had attacks from the left to the right, downwards and quick jabbing motions. Nigel was nearly overwhelmed by the randomness of the barrage that he did not see Terence prepare a kick that hit Nigel right in the chest.

Nigel took a step back then fell to his knees. He began to have a coughing fit.

"Now? Out of all times why now? damn it!" Nigel cursed, still coughing and holding his chest. He was having a hard time breathing. Not particularity because of Terence's kick but rather the time Nigel got a knife wound to the chest. Ever since that mortal wound he'd been having coughing problems.

Leo got over to Nigel quickly. Terence was confused slightly startled from the coughing of his foe that it did not occur to him to finish him off or to run away. Nigel placed his sword in Leo's hands encouraging him to finish the flight. Leo did so and stood in front of ​Terence the Thrasher with his sword raised.

"Must I go through you too?" He asked.

"It'll be fun." Leo snarled.

They charged in swords clashing and slashing. Leo's best quality of his swordsmen ship was his vast knowledge of diffrint styles of sword plan and his speed. Unfortunately both were useless adggensed ​Terence the Thrasher. His speed was not as fast as his and Terence fought with a style unknown to Leo, making it impossable to know what style to counter best with.

Leo could not find an opportunity to counter attack, all his time and moves were put into blocking Terence's vicious attacks. It was appropriate that ​Terence the Thrasher was wanted by the athoritys Leo thought. This man was built like no other, his attacks seemed random and what would normaly be slopy but they wernt so. They had a perciceness and a carfully crafted twists to them, like a sergion.

Terence the Thrasher finally got the better of Leo, slashing his sword out of his hand and delivering another kick to the chest knocking Leo on his back. Leo scattered his brains for a back up plan. While he was panicking Terence walked over to where he lay and pointed his sword at Leo.

"Did you really think your swordsmen ship could best my own?" He mocked, raising his hand to glorify himself.

"No, I'm going to cheat." Leo said as he took out his gun and shot Terence in the hand, casuing him to drop his sword to the ground. A large bullet hole was marked into Terence's hand. Large enough to fit four fingers in. He griped it in pain, freaking out in the process.

"GUAHHHHH!" Terence screamed! "You shot me in the fucking hand!" The man was moving around, pacing and spinning around. Maybe Thrasher was an apropret name Leo thought. The calm and eleiget man was now acting like a mad man. Now how was he going to tie this guy up like this?

Lucking Leo did not have to put much more thought into tieing up this thrashing psychopath, Nigel appeared behind Terence and lightly taped him on the shoulder. Once Terence looked pack Nigel socked him right in his face, knocking him out.

They tied up Terence and brought him to Gearford to hand deliver him to the capital court house. Leo got his payment and his second ​MRBHP document award. Just another day for the Caelum Navis, the ship of advenutre and justice!