Fresh Off the Boat

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2015-05-21 09:08:19,
2015-11-14 13:57:31
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      "Welcome to Kwazulite" shouted the captain as we pulled up to the shore.

      I didn't care much for it, but I was here. My lodge mates were excited and already packed to leave the steamship. Ahead was the stretch of land we had been staring at for an hour. Araz. The new world. The frontier.


      I had put everything on hold to be here. I, a wealthy banker from Clarusia. was invited here by my cousin, Richard. We were Kantebury born gentleman. He could not wait to go on a hunt. He and I were apart of a wealthy lodge in Greater Kantebury. Their lodge master, Harold Alhinda, had arranged the whole thing. He was the gentleman already in full dress: a finely pressed suit, a bandoleer of ammunition, a silk turban squeezing his hair. He sat on his luggage, playing with his large mustache in anticipation.

      Richard, however, hadn't even left his morning suit and smoking jacket. He swirled a cocktail in his hands and eyed the port as we approached.

      "What fun, cousin," he said, "There it is. Nobody in our family has ever set foot on soil like it. We will be adventurers to our names!"

      I was glad someone felt this way. I was a long way from home. The air felt dry. I could smell the stink of the crew.

      "When we arrive, we shall unpack at the lodge and reconvene for dinner," said Harold, addressing the group, "The locale militia has generously offered us passage with them to and from our hunting grounds while they head to the forts."

      "The frontier," I said, my interest peaked, "That should be exciting."

      "Our trip plans tigers, wolves, and Wholly Rhinoceros," said Harold, "As well as exploring the jungles of the South. However, if anyone should wish to head to the front to  try and bag themselves a Vibranni Savage kill..."

      My heart stopped. 

      I turned to Harold, "Vibranni?"

      "Oh yes, Border disputes and general savagery of the self proclaimed 'Orange Tribe' makes Vibranni our biggest aggressor on the continent," said Harold, "All Kantebury Imperial troops do a tour here to train and aid in keeping our assets protected."

      I clenched my teeth. Clutching my luggage tighter, I looked down at my rifle case. This was my chance to see something truly unique. This was a story I could bring home. I wanted to see real Vibranni. Skin which could change color like a lizard. Tails as a feline. Fierce eyes. I knew this trip would be a failure if I didn't see a Vibranni. The idea that said Vibranni would be attempting to kill me only made the feeling more exciting.