The Great Antiford Workshop of 1900

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2020-01-08 17:14:47,
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Saturday, February 8th 2020 at 1 PM — Manchester, NH - Exact location to be announced.

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I'm trying to make this a good way to get caught up, introduce the world to those who aren't familiar, and to invigorate folks to keep writing and otherwise creating.

1 PM - 3 PM

Gather, eat light snacks, casually chat.

3 PM - Presentation of the Century (Literally)

We'll kick off the real part of the event with a presentation on the timeline of major events and the threads of plot that run through each major character's stories. (Re)familiarize everyone with the stories that have been told.

Basically, a "Last Time on Antiford"; A summary of every major character's stories.

4 PM - Workshop

We'll discuss what everyone wants to do with their creative works this year and beyond and how we can help each other to do those projects/stories.

5 PM - Dinner

Everyone is welcome to join together and continue the conversations, both Antiford and casual, as we go to dinner in downtown Manchester.