A Scattered Mercian Homestead

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Letter the First

My darling Markus,

I miss you terribly, but that won't bring you back from the prison camp. One would think that after eight years, the new confederacy would release their prisoners and just let us all live in peace, but apparently it isn't so. I wish I could send you a kiss or a tender embrace through the page, but that is beyond my capacity. All I can do is pour my soul out here and hope you read it. Rolf is doing well;  he's grown since I've last written, and he now has the ability to reach the cabinets without having to stand on anything, if only just. I wish you could have had a chance to meet him; he looks more and more like you everyday. I don't want our child to grow up without a father. I do have one piece of good news; I received a letter today from your sister Helga, which means that she survived the war. I hope that you don't mind the fact that I read it, but I do care for her a great deal, even if we had our differences. I always thought we would have gotten along better, given more time, but Olaf and she fled North once your parents died, and I refused to follow, because of my pregnancy with Rolf, and because I didn't want to leave you behind. I've enclose the letter that you might read it yourself. Oh I miss you so much, my love, and I beg you not to waste away, or give up hope, because I know in the bottom of my heart that we will be reunited someday. I am and always will remain, you adoring wife.


Dear Markus,
I don't know if I'm addressing this to a dead man, because you might not have survived the war, but I told Olaf today that if you never try something, you only deprive yourself of a chance, because you'll regret not going through with it. I suppose I should follow my own words, so here it goes. Olaf and I survived the war by fleeing North after our parents were killed. If you didn't hear of their deaths...you did now. We buried them under the old willow tree, then Olaf said we should head North, so we did. Nila wouldn't come, on account of you and your baby. Anyway, we were going to make for the capital, but then we heard about the Secession demands from Prushland, and we figured we better leave the country. We met Mama's sister Jutta and her family, who let us make camp with them for a few nights, and eventually she helped us over the boarder on the eastern side of the Canyon but got shot doing it, so there's that. She's dead now as well.
Olaf and I are living in Gearford now, and I got a job, and he just mopes around wishing he had a piano. It's not ideal, but it's something. I'm working doing house work for a demon, which is weird, but she's useless at keeping house, and actually kind of rich. She isn't actually half bad, despite what you would think. She's smart as all get out. You could come North and join us if you want. You could too Nila, if you get this as a widow. You're not pregnant anymore. I hope the baby's doing okay, and I hope this letter finds you alive, despite the war.
your sister Helga