A Journey To The Past Part 1

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A story of Gabriel and His Father

Gabriel had grown up in his father's bar, taking care of it with his mother while his father would travel never revealing the reasons for his leaving. The tavern back then had few patrons, just enough so that they could scrape by. He remembered his mother a plump woman full of love and compassion bringing in as many patrons as she could manage.
Every time Gabriel tried to ask his mother or father about his father's travels they would both blanch visibly. They would either avoid the topic, vaguely mention "business needing to be taken care of," or try to appease him by saying they would inform him when he was older.
He was satisfied by none of this. Gabriel always tried to snoop on his father, always tried to gather information were he could, but he was grasping at straws, all he truly knew was that his parents were hiding something.
As Gabriel grew older he was able to better help his mother run the tavern, but she still was having a rough go. She seemed to age considerably her hair growing gray, her stature seeming to shrink if only by a small margin. It never escaped Gabriel's noticed the way she would anxiously watch for the window when her husband was gone, the way her head would perk up when she heard the chime of the door. She tried to however never let on how she felt, smiling happily as she served patrons, her eyes glittering with a warm youthful energy. The only people she was unfriendly to were officers whom she was more than short with and was known to on more than one occasion ruffle their feathers. Only making Gabriel more curious as to what his parents were hiding.
At age sixteen Gabriel had, had enough, when he was younger he hoped to learn from his parents what they were hiding. Gabriel had grown weary of waiting and decided one morning to leave with his father on one of his "trips." Gabriel had asked a mate to help his mother at the tavern while he was out of town guilt tugging at him all the same. 
As his father left Gabriel followed always keeping him in sight but allowing distance between them, Gabriel had grown skilled from quite a few years practice of spying on his old man. As they entered the crowded train station Gabriel suddenly grew overwhelmed. He had never left Conwell, had never dreamed of leaving. 
He didn't have the wanderlust his father seemed to have but rather was fond of his home. Sure the people passing through could seemed sketchy but everyone minded their own business, there were many brawls and duels during the night but the days were often quiet and peaceful. He loved the red mineral soaked earth that sometimes kicked up through the wind, the towers of rock that surrounded him, making his home town look quaint compared to it's majesty... For a moment he considered staying.
His father entered the train as smoke bellowed from the beast and the whistle cried. As the engine started it seemed to ignite his heart and clear the anticipation from it. He had to know where his father was going, what he was doing, and what was so important that he left his mother and him frequently.
The train had started to tug forward but Gabriel managed to leap the distance barely managing to grasp the bar at the end of the caboose. He turned to watch his home grow smaller and smaller as they gained distance until finally it departed his vision with the last blink of the ever-present sunlight he'd always known.