Erza Redd

Erza Redd was born of the union of a Vibranni female, and a Yeti male. However despite her lineage which usually bore strong offspring, Erza as a child was weak and therefore not deemed worthy to her Vibranni mother. She was sold as a slave when she was too young to even remember her mother's face, too young to remember even her own name.

She was bought and traded like cattle and made strong by hard labor. Her unusual Vibranni coloring and temperament were unmistakable, and made it impossible after long to keep her restrained, by her eighteenth birth year she had escaped, hopping from place to place trouble seemingly following her wherever she went, until a year later she hopped a train to the city that would forever change her life. Conwell.

Once she had arrived she walked about town and found a tavern called, "The Braggard" she sat herself on the bar and was greeted by a handsome man a decade her senior. He gave her some alcohol but refused her once she seemed "appropriately intoxicated," he teased her, ruffled her hair, and when she had no place to sleep allowed her a place at his home. At first she planned on just leaving one day late, than that day turned to weeks. 

The man's name was Gabriel Craddock, he had inherited the bar from his father and renamed it. Erza after a time was offered a job there and despite her knowing how selfish it was, agreed to stay at Conwell and work at The Braggard. There she found her home among ruffians and brutes, in the city of secrets, in The Braggard.
One day however the men following her had caught wind of her whereabouts, and exploded into The Braggard guns blazing to recapture Erza, and that is when Gabriel and the rest of the occupants stood and fought for her. When it was over there were no casualties and a few wounded, they sent the mercenaries running and they haven't heard from them since. Erza stayed at The Braggard, and Gabriel confessed his feelings, for a time all seemed right with the world. 

Unfortunately shortly after Gabriel contracted G.I.P.S. and passed away, his body was burned and most everything of his taken out of his home. Everything of course except the two engagement bands she now wore on her finger.

Now 22 years of age Erza still dutifully watches over The Braggard, the patrons loving her as she does them as she provides protection and sanctuary to any and all. Her bar as always is full of bandits, thieves, travelers, brawls, drunkards, buffoons, and whores... just the way she likes it. 


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A Journey To The Past Part 1

by Erza Redd

A tale of Gabriel Craddock and his family's hidden past.