Flash Fiction—Springtime!

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2016-02-13 17:24:02,
2016-02-13 18:10:41
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New Beginings

Good day everyone.

      It's been a looong winter so far and the website has been quiet. I figured that it is once again time to break out a flash fiction challenge to help get the creative juices flowing.

New? Start Here:

      For our newer members, we started up the flash fiction challenges a while ago due to every active member working on large scaled projects taking months (or years) to post and dealing with a complex story arch of only a few characters and places. Posting and on-site activity came to a stand still.

      So we introduced flash fiction challenges. Flash fiction challenges are a guilt free way to get people to quickly put up stories that can deal with entirely different content in order to promote world building in the world. This allows people working on larger projects to rapidly prototype stories or write about entire sections of the world they wouldn't normally have any reason to write about.

      The idea of the flash fiction is that I give a prompt that members can chose to write about or ignore, which will help spur creative juices. I have a "rule" that you aim to write a short story of about 500 words or less, no more than 600-700 words. Try to flesh out an entire story or scene quickly. Depending on the prompt, you try to make it cannon to help build the world. 

      However, if it takes more words or less words to write the story you want to write, DO IT! Be creative. If this jolts you into writing something better not related, do it. It's all about writing and world building.

Please look at the previous challenges to get a better idea of what you are in for.


      Alright. For the late winter and spring, I feel the prompt should be about beginnings. So without further ado...

Child's Play

      Write a story about your main character (or any side characters that grab your fancy) when they were children. Now, this is not necessarily an "origin" story. It doesn't need to be too important. Just write a story about child you (or another character if you feel the urge). Consider writing about schooling. A coming of age practice. A child's game. A double dog dare. How they view the events of their childhood. Who are their parents?

      There's many different ways this can go. My word limit for this one is between 500-700 words.

As always, have fun with this. I will be working on regaining a laptop, so I hope I can participate sometime soon. Have fun, guys!