The Boarding Party at the Masquerade

Captain Horatio Morlock
A large airship is hosting a masquerade party for the rich and powerful. Not too far away the crew aboard the Burning Duchess's Curse are planning a little party of their own. Find out what happened to Captain Morlock and his men during this covert operation.

Curiosity Almost Killed The Librarian

Theodore Emelior Beem

A flashback to the week following the death of Charles Button. While Gearford is in a tumult, Theodore Emelior Beem is working late at the Science and Technology library. What he'll find will shock him.

Inspired by the Flash Horror challenge.

In the chronology of Theodore Beem's life, this story takes place after The Gang of Misbegottens, but before the story Excelsior.


Wild Araz Launch!

Lieutenant Joel Arnett
Wild Araz, a video game built for Citizens of, is now launched and good to download!

Here I Am!

Maisy-Maude finally gets to record her first moving picture blog. Hello Orr!


Theodore Emelior Beem
A short story for the Airship Flash Fiction Challenge. An introduction to Theodore Emelior Beem, erstwhile librarian and aspiring airship Captain. A story that raises the question of what you might do if you discovered your neighbor was building an airship in your quiet neighborhood.

The Woman On The Platform

Astrid Westergaard
violencestrong language

Itinerant, No. 1 // This city only has two kinds of people: those who are thirsty or desperate and those who want to keep them that way.


Gizmos & Gadgets Book: Writers Guide

Lucas Merriweather Buford
official word

A guide to writing for our next community book project: a story collection of historical/steampunky tech-oriented tales.


Dinner is Served

Theodore Emelior Beem
Theodore Emelior Beem and his Vibranni companion Val, aboard the airship Excelsior get blown off course into the Istoki dessert, where they find Oasis, a town of people who seem almost too friendly. Written for the Flash Fiction Challenge: Food.

Sean Finian O'Brudhear and the Bowl of Brown Stew

Sean Finian O'Brudhear

Sean Finian O'Brudhear arrives in Gearford and experiences the local cuisine.

Written for FLASH Fiction Challenge- Food but it ran long, and the writer was so enamored of every word that he was loathe to cut it.

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