Prush Outposts

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After the war of Antifordian Aggression, and the Prush civil war, these ports lost contact with the motherland. Nevertheless they never disbanded from the Prush Empire.  This is probably because there strictly overseen by remnants of the Imperial Prush Navy. They have stayed alive by keeping relations good with the local governments and trading with passing ships.

These Islands and outpost are not safe places to live, and because of that almost everyone is trained in some manner of combat.  They number between 60-100 people per post. Most people, except the Prush Navy men have some form of job to turn a profit for the outpost. The Prush Navy men guard the outposts day and night.

There are 5 left, 4 on islands and 1 on frozen tundra.

Langendunklenland: frozen tundra far north

Mitte Meer: between Adelon and Titanya

Nebel  Insel: off the coast of Kuu

Wächter- Insel: Off the coast of Rusticanoye

Tintenfisch Strait: South of Golah