Humans as a Race

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On Stature

Humans are the shortest of all races. With their average height from 5 feet to 6 feet. Humans closest resemblance to any race would be the Yeti. Humans are not typical as physically strong or as broad frame. There skin colors are also similar with the exception of darker skin that can be found in humans. There physical body shapes can be from skinny, muscular or even husky. Humans can also have four different hair colors Blond, Black, Brown and red. It is not uncommon to see a combination of two hair colors. Humans unlike any other race have no tail. Though they do have a tailbone it is a believed remnants of its vibrani ancestors. Humans are known to be prideful of their race, you will rarely see a human try to pass off as a vibrani or Yeti.


On Diet

Humans are well known to be able to eat almost anything. Some individual humans or settlements as a whole are known to only eat vegetables and fruits and to abstain from meat of any kind. Humans will often trade to distant neighbors or settlements to obtain a food source they themselves not have access to. Humans have a natural curiosity and greed to all types of food. Humans have culturally feasts to celebrate a day, action or historical event.


On Society

Though Humans have originated from Paorr they have derived from Araz and can be found all across Orr. The only location human settlements can not be found as primarily is Titania which is heavily Yeti populated.


While Humans typically live in settlements it is not uncommon for many humans to be traveling seemingly nomadic. Those who do live in settlements have to obey by the rules of the settlement or by the large area ( country ) as a whole. Towards more recent times humans do not have rules based on small villages but for a much larger country that controls a large group of villages and cities. Irrelevant how different the governments can be in different countries for humans there views on gender roles are consistent with females being the equals of males in society. The only contradiction to this is the cultural common chivalry where it is a gentleman's responsibility to take care of a lady and to treat her with high respect.


Humans and their actions are inconsistent and contradictory. Where in the past they have shown strong military force they have also backed away from such practices and replaced their methods with diplomatic reasoning and compromise. It is likely for humans to go back to their military mindset though. Humans can be ill tempered but forgiving, Strong but weak. The only evidence that attempts to explain why humans are more inconsistent is there intelligence. Humans are biologically more adept to raise in intellect faster than any other race. This gives them stronger technology. Some would argue this is not in everyone's favor. Some think humans grow more intelligent faster than they mature as a race, and that is what leads to their inconsistency.


Many humans don’t have a shared idea of god or the creator. Some don’t believe in religion, some are become heavily invested in it. It is also dependent on where on Orr the humans are located Some countries as a whole believe in one religion, while some allow freedom of religion.


On Procreation

Humans will typically pare off to have children. Its common for a large portion of humans to never have children. Homosexuality is also been reported to be uncommon in humans. Interbreeding with Yeti yields fertile offspring that does well in being able to socially interact with both Human and Yeti cultures. Interbreeding with Vibrani however leads to infertile offspring that is often rejected or abandoned, unable to be accepted in either race’s culture.