The Prush Empire

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2017-09-28 22:24:03
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Empire Overview

Motto: Stärke und Ehre (Strength and Honor)

National Religion: Virtues of Ruhm

Population: 122,400

Currency: Prush Mark

language: Prushen  

Government Heads:

      Fortress Imperial

            Emperor: Diederich Erick VonKresser

            War Master:Sir Otto Landry VanHus

            Spy master: Madam Ingrid Fichte


      Fortress Administrative

            Tax Masters: Sir Philipp Lehmkuhl

            Placement Masters: Helmina Semmelrogge

            Law Masters: Maik Schaus

            Resource Masters: Zacharias Wellmann

      Fortress Knowledge

            Head Master of Studies:

            Head Master of Foreword Planing:

            Master of Curriculum:

            Master of Quality:

      Fortress Ruhm

            Master of Courage: Countess Sybille Blumberg

            Master of Disciple: Countess Maren Ueberroth

            Master of Loyalty: Sir Vic Von Hixle

            Master of Honor: Sir Karsten Luxenberg